Fun Activities to Celebrate Easter

Fun Activities to Celebrate Easter

The existence of the coronavirus pandemic in various countries of the world has had a considerable impact. Not only in the economic sector but also socially and culturally. One of them is the celebration of Easter by all Christians.

In view of the increasingly worrying coronavirus pandemic, it is recommended that this Easter commemoration be carried out from home only. Celebrating devotees are also encouraged to worship through online broadcasts.

Even though this year's Easter celebration is not held, as usual, Mama can still celebrate it with loved ones, namely her husband, children, and other family members at home.

In an effort to make Easter celebrations more enjoyable for your little one, Mama might be able to do the fun Easter activities below. Of course, with materials that are quite easy to find.

Here are some fun Easter Activity to celebrate Easter with your children at home.

Pretty colorful easter eggs

Easter eggs are a Christian tradition that is still preserved today. This is because eggs have a religious meaning. Mama can teach religious values ​​through creative ways by making colorful Easter eggs with children.

Interesting egg creation

If coloring Easter eggs seems ordinary enough, you can try other Easter egg creations. For example, making a ludicrous trick of placing eggs in a rabbit-shaped base. You can use recycled toilet paper rolls and paper towel rolls for rabbit eggs.

Unique durable easter eggs

If you don't have enough eggs at home, Easter egg decorations can also be done on other things, you know! Namely using stones that can be found in the environment around the house. Ask your little one to find an oval-shaped stone that is similar in shape to an egg. Wash off with soap and pat dry.

Easter bingo is fun

While a traditional Easter egg hunt isn't possible this year with your extended family, Mama can make for another exciting experience. By playing Zoom Easter Bingo. Look up Easter Bingo Cards online. Choose pictures that relate to everything that Mama and her extended family usually do at Easter.

Egg spoon racing

Mama may be able to invite other children and family members to do competitions during the Easter celebrations. Get some plastic toy eggs and colorful spoons. Instruct the players to bite the spoon that already contains eggs.